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#Studio Spring Clean

What a perfect opportunity for a complete overhaul of my studio.....after all, Workshops are cancelled, Talks and Exhibitions are on hold......... life as we knew it is on hold......there has never been a better time to take stock, and look at how things might develop in the future, without the pressure of deadlines and time constraints.

I am lucky, I have savings from my time as a teacher, I have no children to feed, and my husband is still working in a necessary industry, so I don't have the financial pressures yet.

This time of #Social distancing and #Isolation has reminded me once again how grateful I am for my comfortable situation, and also for such simple access to technology enabling me to stay in touch easily with friends, family and colleagues....but I have also been reminded of my ineptitude when trying to create an online presence for my work and, let's face livelihood! I really must try harder!

I have in summary;

.......this blog on my website which, if lucky, has a post once or twice a month......a FB page which bears posts in fits and starts, an ancient Instagram account and one never knowingly used Twitter account.

Things have to change!

So, for now, Enjoy these photos....I unearthed these studies on my Spring clean, and I'm hoping they might be re-worked as part of my current series of work 'If I knew then'......

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