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Bread and water and strange times!

I feel like I am living in an alternative Universe. One day I am enjoying our new found love of making sourdough bread, I'm back on top of my fitness regime....walking in the rain, thankful that the floods have not affected me.................and now, just 2 or 3 weeks later I am indoors most of the time. When I do go out it is just to buy food, and I discover that suddenly the world and his dog are eating pasta.......there is none to be purchased.....and clearly hundreds more people have taken up bread-making as there is no bread flour to be bought anywhere either. Just don't get me started on toilet rolls etc. Hoping that all this overbuying will not lead to lots of food waste.

Last night I made a triple portion of sausage casserole, so we can share some with a friend who is in his eighties. Please if you have food...share a thought for the most vulnerable in society who may not be able to venture out.

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