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#Not stir-crazy yet!

Hope everyone is fine.

Today I am feeling thankful that although I am having to stay at home, and my husband is also working from home, we are both well so far........we have plenty of food (purchased on Tuesday in a very quiet, very well stocked local shop!) No panic buying going on here..... I am not expecting to need anything else for at least 2 weeks.

We are also lucky to have our own modest size garden, unlike our poor Spanish friends who live in a small apartment where they have been holed up for 2 weeks already - we really feel for them.

So.........I have no excuses not to be in my studio for the foreseeable future, even though all up-coming exhibitions and talks have been frozen, cancelled or postponed - sometimes these difficult times in our life inspire.

The highlight today was the arrival of a British Gas engineer to fix our heating....he came in full protective gear, suit, mask, and gloves and has advised us to disinfect all the surfaces and door handles in the area he was working after he is all very weird, but fantastic to know that British Gas are taking their responsibilities seriously in a bid to conquer this hideous virus.

Tonight, my husband has organised a 'Pub Quiz' for a group of friends via 'Hangouts'...I'll report back how that went next week.

Bye for now...and stay safe.

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