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#Are we nearly there yet?!

It's a phrase that my younger brother used to say, nearly every time we were going on a family journey.......I'm guessing more often if it was a particularly long one, although I don't specifically remember. Now however I am applying it rhetorically to the journey that is my studio overhaul....and I am pleased to report, that it is well on it's way#smiley face! I have moved all the movable cupboards about, and what feels like an endless amount of paper, paint and fabric. I have used the 'hoover'(technically a Dyson) in areas which have not seen light of day for several years, let alone been privileged enough to have been cleaned, and finally feel like I am on the home straight......

I am hoping to post some photos soon, when everything is in place, and when I have put a new floor down and added more practical doors to the very large and over full cupboards. So for now, a few more images of 'stuff' I have found on this part of my #Lockdown journey.....

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